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Iphone 5 battery pack - Tutorial

There are a lot of promotional products you can target on today and you should know that you might need to learn more about these promotional items to get the best results ever. 

But of course, there will always be one king promotional product that gets in the top of the list. This is the iPhone Battery pack or what we commonly call as the promotional power bank for iPhone.

As you know, promotional products that offer value always win the people around. In fact, with this wonderful product, you will be astonished on how a lot of people would gather around your booth on expos and tradeshows.

With iPhone 5 battery pack, you show your dedication to a certain group of users in your market. The thing is, iPhone users are definitely great customers with their capacity to pay and purchase whatever items or products you have.

As you know, with a dedicated product, you are able to target your clients the right way. With this, you get them to be proud of you as a company who knows what they need and get them to like you as you move along better and better deals.

The power of promotional products is so deep that most people don’t know about it. Sometimes, companies don’t know what they have done and just get the results without you noticing it. This makes a lot of reasons why you should have promotional products.

Here are some of them:

Promotional products sticks in the mind and soul

As people receive your promotional power bank for iPhone, they will be thankful initially with your gift and for offering it for free. With this positive alone, they will be able to appreciate your brand and may even check you right on the spot. But not only that, if you offer this product to your clients you are able to stick in to their mind the more they use the products. This is the very reason why you want a promotional product that lasts since you want a consistent promotion with them. You should know that with an iPhone 5 battery pack, this item will last for months or years. Imagine that! If you can have this kind of promotion for your brand, the better the results will be.

You can just have any kind of marketing with your brand with this product. As you know, this kind of promotion will definitely get you ahead of your marketing with ease.

Another benefit is that the share-ability of the product

With a power bank for IPhone users, you are able to allow your clients and prospects who have your product to be shared with others. Imagine how much promotion, you will get through this? If you can let them share these products the more your clients will know more about you – as you can see, not all promotional products work that way and it means that you will only gain more results from your brand.

Go ahead and focus on items that truly matter to your clients. You can get ahead of your brand and develop better results as you move along your marketing. You can learn a lot from these marketing trends and even develop a good sense of marketing without you trying too hard on yourself. Learn more about this and get ahead of your branding the right way.

Grab some great promotional power bank for iphone deals at SaveOnPromotions. They offer just the best deals at the right price. You can never go wrong with them. 

AVG Internet Security 2015 Free 4 Year License

Hello friends. Today i am sharing free AVG Internet security 2015 license. We know that AVG Internet security is the one of the best antiviruses. It offers good security to your computer.

Main features - Blocks viruses, spyware, & other malware.
                                   Link Protection Scans web, Twitter, & Facebook links
                                   Email protection
                                  Online shopping protection
                                  Data Safe Encrypts & password-protects private files.

  block spammers 
Read Below instructions and get your free 4 year AVG Internet Security 2015 license

 1. Go to
2. download AVG Internet Security 2015
3. Install AVG Internet Security 2015
4. Use the below license code and get 4 year free AVG Internet Security 2015 license

 License Codes - 8MEH-RJR4R-7FDJ6-NL3DA-CRXQC-J­EMBR-

You are done. Enjoy free 4 year avast antivirus license. dont waste time. do it now and protect your pc.

Working Tata Docomo Free 3g internet Proxy trick - March 2015

Hello friends , Today I got a new trick for Tata Docomo users. By using this trick you can enjoy free 2g or 3g internet on both PC and mobile with your Tata Docomo sim. This free Tata Docomo 3g internet trick is based on proxy. This Tata Docomo free 3g internet trick is 100% working in all over India in March 2015. 

I am personally confirmed this trick working in kerala. This Tata Docomo free 3g or 2g data trick is working 100% on November 2014 and hope that surely work on December.
 The best features of this trick are – works on both PC and mobile , works on both 2g and 3g, getting high speed, works for android,Symbian,java and all other platforms
As I mentioned above this trick is work both on computer and mobile.

Requirements for using this free Tata Docomo 3g internet March 2015

1.     A Tata Docomo sim card ( if 3g enabled, then you can use 3g internet )
2.     Maintain balance below than 10ps

3.     Use APN – tata.docomo.internet

PROXY Address

Port : 80

Home Pages
Follow the below steps (Tata Docomo Free 3g internet Proxy trick  - January 2015)

For Mobile Users

1.Go to settings in mobile phone
2.Then open Network Connection Setting.
3.Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.
4.There you'll get many input options just do as stated below-
5.Account Name – Tata Docomo free 3g internet trick by techitor
7.Proxy address – Type any of the proxy address given above.
8. Port – 80
9.Now leave all the other fields blank
10.Save settings and Make it default
11.Now open your internet browser ( open any browser )
12.Now open any homepage given above

13. Now enjoy free 3g high speed internet on your Tata Docomo

For PC (computer) Users

I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting up proxy trick.

1. Open Options.
2. Click on advance tab and then network tab.
3. Click on Manual Connection setting and add the above given proxy and port.
3. Save the setting.
4.Now open home page given above
5.Enjoy free high speed 3g internet on your PC with your Tata Docomo sim

If you get low internet speed then disable javascript and enjoy high speed

If you have any doubts then comment here. Techintor is happy to help you.

How to Disable Seen Feature by Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015

Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015

Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension trick is the important facebook trick for those who love privacy. And do not want other to know when you see their messages on Facebook. Lets start with the exclusive tutorial on how to use facebook unseen chrome extension by Qd Tricks.

Facebook created a “seen” function sometime back. It provides the read status of the message to the sender. This means when anyone sends you a message, they will recognize whether and when you look at the message. This function is advantageous for the sender. It may be destructive and cause problems for the receiver. To deactivate or disable seen feature and to hide the message read status, now we have Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015. This don’t permit Facebook to identify whenever you look at messages.

How to Install Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015

You can install this Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015 in your google chrome like you install other extensions. Open this extension page, then click on the FREE button. After the application is saved and installed, you will notice a new icon. It is in the installed apps part at the top-right area. You may click on the icon to toggle Facebook Unseen On and off. This will disable seen feature in facebook messages.

The Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015 also offers an option page that you will never require it. It offers choices for some other features. Like it may hide from you whenever someone sees your message. The very same way it hides from other people whenever you read their messages. This also offers a significant option that permits you to turn off ads. It is the extension adds to Facebook.

Link to chrome extension

Verdict Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015:
This unseen Facebook chrome extension is pretty clean and important. When u love the privacy and do not want your friends to know when you look up their messages. Try this Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension 2015 and comment your reviews.

All Airtel Free Internet 3G Trick February 2015

Hello Everyone “How To Get Free Internet On Airtel – Airtel Tricks“,

Airtel Tricks: Today I am back with new and latest working Airtel free internet trick. Our moderator team have developed a working config files since a week for airtel users.

Our previous trick free airtel 3g trick for mobile and pc is still working in some states with awesome speed – Airtel Tricks

The given Airtel Tricks are based on vpnbook servers. We have checked this Airtel free gprs trick in most states of India by our moderator team and team members from the different states. They have concluded that this airtel trick is working perfect in their areas. The working state names are given at the bottom of this post.


  • Airtel SIM card with 3G enabled
  • Minimum balance required is Rs 0.
  • If you don’t want to cap 3G speed, recharge with any small 3G pack
  • APN (Access Point Name):
  • Airtel free gprs speed up to 500KBps (7.2 Mbps)


To use this trick, you will have to follow some steps provided below. As this trick is working in both mobile as well as pc, I have mentioned steps for both.

Android mobile user can also avail the benefits of Airtel free internet tricks. You just have to follow the below given steps:

  • First of all download the config files (Download links are given at bottom of this post)
  • Extract downloaded config files to SD card
  • Download and install DroidVPN in your mobile.
  • Now you will have to add downloaded config to open Vpn folder
  • Run DroidVPN and you will be connect instantly
  • Enjoy airtel free internet in your mobile


PC users can use this Airtel free gprs trick in their Computer or Laptop. You just have to follow below given steps:

  • First of all download the config files from below given links
  • If you do not have NMD VPN installed in your system, download NMD VPN from here.
  • Now install the software in your system
  • Open the downloaded files and move it to NMD VPN config folder i.e. C:\Program Files\ NMD VPN\config
  • Open NMD VPN software (MOST IMPORTANT: Win 7 & 8 users run NMD VPN as the Administrator)
  • Now connect the config file, you will be connect instantly
  • If you not able to connect in first attempt, give 2-3 more try, it will be connected
  • Enjoy Airtel Free Internet in your computer


As our followers always try to ask us about sim blockage issues. Here we are suggesting some important points which you require to follow to avoid sim blockage in your Airtel sim.

  • Use with small 3G plan: Do activate any small 3g plan for Airtel. Call to your customer care and ask them for small 3G recharge for your area and recharge it with the same.
  • Don’t use too much data in one session: Try to use in frequent way. Do not go for big files. Just disconnect and reconnect gprs before 350 to 400 MB usage
  • Avoid large files download: Don’t go for downloading large files, always download small files.

How To Turn Off GPS On Your iPhone

GPS (Global Positioning System) is basically a navigation tool which allows you to find any location in any part of the world and it also works in all type of conditions and weathers. Well, GPS also keep tracks of your location and never lets you lost in any corner of the world.

But if you don’t use GPS on your phone and also want to save your phone’s battery life then there is a way to turn it off. So, today I have created this tutorial in which I will show you that how you can turn off GPS on your iPhone. Turning off GPS on your phone is pretty much easy and it also allows you to save battery life of your phone and also keeps you safe from all kinds of hackers because then they could not view your location. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with our tutorial.

How To Turn Off GPS On Your iPhone Device 

So, if you want turn off GPS function on your iPhone device to save your phone’s battery life or want to be safe from hackers then follow the below given steps.

  • First of all, open up your iPhone device.
  • Then, go to the home screen of your iPhone device and then tap on Settings button.
  • Now, in the Settings menu, tap on the Privacy option.
  • After that, tap on the Location Services option.
  • Now, you will see a list of apps under the Location Services option. Now, if you want to turn off GPS entirely then tap on the Location Services on/off button at the top or if you want to turn off the GPS function for individual apps then tap on the green on/off button besides the given apps to turn GPS off for that specific app.
  • That’s it! You are done! Now, you have successfully turned off GPS function on your iPhone device.

So, this was all about how to turn off GPS on your iPhone devices. I hope that now you will be able to turn off the GPS function on your iPhone device without any sort of problem. If you have any type of queries regarding this tutorial then do let us know, we will try our best to resolve them. While in the meantime, if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share this with your friends and social circles too.

How to Verify a YouTube Account Without a Phone

Two Ways

Verifying your account by phone lets you unlock additional features on YouTube. But Google allows you to verify only two YouTube accounts per year with your phone number. So if you want to create more then two YouTube accounts then you can't use your phone number.

But there is a solution to solve this problem. I will show you how you can verify a YouTube account using SMS/Text verification without using your phone number.

1: (free)

K7 is a web-based unified messaging system that channels your free voicemail and fax messages directly to your e-mail. K7 provides you with a free phone number. This number enables you to have your voicemail messages delivered directly to your computer. You also have the option to listen to your voice messages on the K7 website.

1 Go to

2 Click on "sign up".

3 Enter and re-enter your e-mail address.

4 Enter a 4 digit security code (numbers only).

5 Go to the bottom, enter the captcha code and click on "Submit".

Now K7 will give you a phone number.

6 Click at the top menu on "my K7".

7 Enter your K7 10 digit phone number without the hyphens (-).

8 Enter your 4 digit security code and click on "Submit".

Don't close the my k7 page.

9 Go to YouTube.

10 Open your YouTube channel.

11 Open YouTube settings.

12 Click at "Additional features " on "View additional features".

13 Click on "Verify".

14 At "Select your country" you need to choose "United States".

15 Select "Call me with an automated voice message".

16 At "What is your phone number?" you enter your K7 phone number.

17 Click on "Submit".

Now a account verification page will open. Don't close this page.

18 Go back to K7 and the "my K7" page.

19 Click on "Check for messages".

20 Click on the message to open.

This will be a voice message that will give you the verification code you need for YouTube.

21 Go back to the YouTube account verification page and enter your 6-digit verification code.

22 Click on "Submit" and your YouTube account will be verified.

23 Click on "Continue".

2: (free) is a free service that provides people with a phone number that they can use for free calling and texting. And this can also be used to verify online accounts such as YouTube, Gmail, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.

1 Go to

2 Click in the top menu on "Textfree web".

Sometimes you get a white screen first, but then you just need to wait a few seconds for the sign up window to appear.

3 Click on "Sign up FREE".

4 Enter your information or if you don't want to use your real information then just enter fake information.

5 After entering your name, email, password and the security code you click on "create".

Now it's possible that you will get a message that says something like "We're so sorry. The Textfree servers are unavailable right now. We are working hard to make them available ASAP. Try again in a few minutes".

When this happens then you just need to click on "OK" and come back in a few minutes to try again.

6 Enter the zipcode of the area where you live or just some other zipcode.

Just remember from which country the zip code is, because you need to select the country at the YouTube verification screen.

7 Select your gender and age.

8 Click on "Find".

9 Choose your textfree number and click on "confirm".

10 Click on "Options".

11 Highlight (select) the phone number then right-click on it and choose "Copy".

This number you can use to verify your YouTube account. Don't close yet.

12 Go to YouTube.

13 Open your YouTube channel.

14 Open YouTube settings.

15 Click at "Additional features " on "View additional features".

16 Click on "Verify".

17 At "Select your country" you need to choose the country of the zip code that you've entered at

18 Select "Text me the verification code".

19 At "What is your phone number?" you enter your phone number.

20 Click on "Submit".

Now a account verification page will open. Don't close this page.

21 Go back to your Pinger Textfree account and wait for the text message from Google.

Sometimes you need to click on the refresh button.

22 When you recieved the text message with the verification code, then go back to the YouTube account verification page and enter your 6-digit verification code.

23 Click on "Submit" and your YouTube account will be verified.

24 Click on "Continue".

Best Torrent sites For leeching Download Via Idm

Again we are backed with new Torrents leeching sites for download any torrent files from the torrent sites . This is best way to download small / big torrent files from torrent server via IDm or other download manager without help of torrent download software . Today Torrent leeching site is good way to download torrent in you pc and Mobile . Here we are shared a best website list to leeched torrent  file to direct download link via Internet Download Manager . With the file size limit to leech of torrent file on torrent leeching sites .

Best Torrent Leecher Sites List 2014
  •                        Register 2.5GB  File Limit Free Normal Speed
  •                              2.0GB File Limit Free High Speed
  •                        2.0GB File Limit Free High Speed
  •                            1.0GB File Limit Free Normal Speed
  • TorrentLeech.Org
  • BitLet.Org

Uninor Free GPRS Trick Trick 2014

hello,frnds uninor trick in 2013 very high speed,so use this trick and enjoy.This trick was depend On Proxy or Port.

  • Type Proxy--65.789.34.09 
  • Type Port--7080 
  • Type APN--uninor 
  • Enjoy Highspeed

3 Free Tools to Restrict or Limit Internet Download and Upload Transfer Speeds

The amount of software on the average computer that wants to access the internet for updates or because it requires internet access to function is growing all the time. Unless you have a super fast internet connection, when you have something that requires a lot of bandwidth, it will often slow other things down that are also using the internet. For instance, downloading files through a web browser and playing an online game at the same time could limit the game’s performance and make it nearly unplayable with high pings because the browser is hogging the bandwidth leaving very little for the game. The best way to get round this problem is to limit the internet download speed for the web browser process so that it doesn’t hog the connection. Certain types of applications such as download managers or bit-torrent clients often have some form of maximum upload or download rate setting so as not to flood the connection and let things like web browsers or Skype work OK without too much problem. Most other types of program that access the internet do not have a similar function though. A solution to this problem is to limit the Internet bandwidth by using traffic shaping software so you can prioritize which applications can access as much of the connection as they like, while others will have to wait until it’s available. Software such as NetLimiter, cFosSpeed, Net-Peeker and SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager are good for this task but sadly they’re shareware. There are some free tools around that can help, here’s a few for you to look at.

1. NetBalancer 

NetBalancer is an internet traffic tool that’s been designed to give full control over the priorities of the applications and processes running on your computer. You can use NetBalancer to set a download or upload transfer rate priority for any application and also monitor its internet traffic.

There are a couple of ways in which you can limit the traffic that each application uses. One is to do what most download managers and torrent clients do which is set a specific number for the download or upload rates. While this method works, it isn’t dynamic because if you set the download rate on your browser to 100 KB/s while gaming, when you finish gaming more bandwidth will be free but the download will still be 100 KB/s unless you manually change it. NetBalancer has another more efficient way of limiting the traffic by setting priorities for your applications. This means that programs with the highest priority have first option on the bandwidth, but if they don’t need it, those with a lower priority can use it when available. After setting your required priorities and limits, you can see what is going on with the help of several useful features. NetBalancer can show all system processes with their in and out traffic speed, total downloaded and uploaded traffic for any process, a live traffic chart and information on all process active connections. Rules can also be created where you can configure the limits for specific times or date ranges and there’s also a separate live traffic window/tray icon. The free version of NetBalancer is limited to 3 process priorities/limits at a time and 3 different rules can be configured which should be adequate for average use. If you want to go over that limit, you will need to register the full version at a price of $29.95. It works on Window 2000 to 8.

2. Traffic Shaper XP 

As the name suggests, Traffic Shaper XP is another traffic shaping application but has some quite advanced options compared to NetBalancer, but this also puts it at a disadvantage because setting up rules that limit the traffic are more difficult and less user friendly to configure.

Traffic Shaper XP doesn’t list running processes so you can’t just click on a program and set the limit or priority. Instead you need to know in advance the port being used by the program and manually run the Add Rule Wizard, or monitor the live traffic in the lower half of the program’s window and right click on it to create a matching rule. When going through the wizard you can select which network adapter, direction (upload or download), Upload/download speed to limit, port, IP address and the priority of the rule. A useful function of Traffic Shaper XP is after you’ve created a rule, you can close the program and it will still continue to shape your internet bandwidth. It will continue to control your internet traffic in background. Traffic Shaper XP does have a couple of issues, one of which is it doesn’t officially support Windows Vista, 7 or 8 although it did seem to function OK when tested in Windows 7 32-bit. Another problem is the limitations placed on this free version such as a maximum of 5 rules, support for the TCP protocol only and the fact it can shape up to 3,687 kb/s and no more.

3. Shunra Nimbus

 This is a very simple tool to use with only really one option to configure, but be aware that Shunra Nimbus is NOT compatible with any operating system above Windows XP and will likely cause a crash Vista or 7.

It works slightly different to the tools above because Nimbus will restrict the bandwidth system wide so is perhaps more useful if you want to restrict one system while gaming or downloading on another which uses the same internet connection. The one available option is to select the bandwidth speed that you want to limit and then you click Play. It has settings from 14.4 to 256. These numbers are calculated at kilobits per second and not Kilobytes so you divide the number by 8. Therefore 256 means you’re capping the Internet at 32 KB/s which is obviously very slow by today’s standards. Exiting the program will return traffic to normal. Shunra Nimbus is no longer available or listed at the official website.


1. Whatsapp 
2. Viber 
3. Hike 
4. Facebook Messenger 
5. Line

A recent Survey has revealed  that one in every three Mobile phone users have Whatsapp on their phones. Which is around 2 billion people. The reason is that Whatsapp is available on almost all platforms.Java,symbian, android, ios and Nokia. The major reason for Whatsapp’s popularity being it’s superfast messaging service and it’s privacy feature. All the messages are stored on the phone’s memory card itself, so there is no chance of your data getting leaked. Videos, images, location and music files including voice messages can be sent at a very good speed. This makes it an ideal chat application. It’s is available for free on playstore For the first year after which you need 
to pay 0.99$ per year.

Viber one of the best free। Calling and chatting apps available for free in the playstore. Viber provides Viber to Viber free calling with brilliant voice quality. You will never have an issue for the quality of voice. For calls to non Viber you need to pay which is a miminal amount. Free messages to other Viber the users is available with standard stickers. The highest number of users after Whatsapp in playstore is a must have app. There are around 4.5 million users on android. 

facebook meesenger:-
Facebook messenger has around 4 million android users. It’s the best around as almost everyone is a Facebook user. Facebook messenger was made with the aim of easy chatting with other Facebook users without having the fb app. Facebook messenger now allows free calling to other messenger users for free. The best part of this is its bubble style pop up chat, using Which u can chat using other other apps running in the background.

Hike is the only chat app which is made is made in India with love. Hike tries to offer WhatsApp style chatting, line type stickers and many other features. Hike has slowly started getting more and more users. It has around 2 million android users and it’s available on all mobile platforms. It offers 100 free SMS to any indian number and also free talktime for inviting friends. You can also send any data file upto 100 mb through hike other than sharing music, pics and audio clips which makes me to put it on the top 5 list. The best part though is its completely free.

Line is also a free Calling cum texting app available on almost all platforms. Java, symbian, Nokia, windows, ios and Android. Line provides free calling and texting to other line users। Worldwide. Premium calls can be made to non line users worldwide for a small amount. The messages on line are stored in cloud. It has pages and groups just like Facebook. The best part here is its stickers. It has all kinds of stickers, from crazy moods to the stickers of fc Barcelona players. No wonder line earns around $ 335 Million every year for its stickers.

Earn Free Rs 100 Just By Download QuikWallet ( Best Freebie Ever )

Here Comes one of the the best freebie of the year , Not get free Rs 100 Credites without spending a penny form your pocket amazing offer is running with Quikwallet , i can say you can't ignore this offer just by thinking its just a offer , Its free offer to Earn Rs 100 for your mobile recharge. Man what Still are you thinking about ? Proceed to the below steps to get Free Rs 100 Credits .

Simple stpes How to Earn Free Rs 100 Just By Download QuikWallet : 

  • Download and Install QuickWallet App Fist :
  • Open QuikWallet App and Sign up 
  • Verifiy your Number
  • Apply Promo Code : R0WPL ('R' Rabbit '0'Zero 'W' Wood 'P' Parrot 'L' Lion)
  • Get Instant Rs 100 Credit for Free
  • Simply Make Recharge with Earned Free Credits

*About Offer:

  • Offer Available For New Registraions/Users 
  • Valid Only on QuikWallet 
  • Users can use these credits for mobile recharges and bill payments

Free Flat Rs 200 Off On 2 Movies Tickets at Just Rs 99 [BookMyShow Freecharge]

Planning for a movie this valentine with your loved ones we have a offer for you Now Grab Free Rs 200 Off on 2 Movies tickets from freecharge , which you need to buy at Rs99 form freecharge and can be used for booking at bookmyshow app. Lets Disscuss 

How to ge Free Flat Rs 200 Off On 2 Movies Tickets at Just Rs 99  :

  • First Download FreeCharge App on your smartphones
  • Login to your account
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Enter Recharge amount
  • Make Recharge Min. Rs.10
  • Proceed Next Select Coupon > Rs.200 OFF on 2 Movie ticket (BMS App) > Rs.99
  • Get Free Instant Voucher code on Your Registered E-Mail

How to Avail this BookMyShow Promo Code : 

  1. Download BookMyShow App > Book Your Ticket
  2. Apply Voucher (Valin Only On Bookmyshow App)
  3. Enjoy Your Day

*About Offer : 

  • Voucher can be redeemed only on BMS Mobile App and cannot be redeemed directly at the cinema/venue box office.
  • This offer is valid on minimum purchase of 2 movie tickets.
  • Maximum discount on Movie Ticket can be availed Rs.200
  • Valid till 10th March, 2015
  • Voucher can be used only once with the validity period
  • Voucher will only be adjusted against the ticket cost.
  • Bookmyshow convenience fees and my additional amount transaction to be borne by the voucher user.
  • If lost/misused, the voucher cannot be replaced

AVG Internet Security 2015 Free 4 Year License

Hello friends. Today i am sharing free AVG Internet security 2015 license. We know that AVG Internet security is the one of the best antiviruses. It offers good security to your computer. 

Main features - Blocks viruses, spyware, & other malware. 
Link Protection Scans web, 
Twitter, & Facebook links                         
Email protection                         
Online shopping protection                         
Data Safe Encrypts & password-protects private files.

block spammers and hackers

Read Below instructions and get your free 4 year AVG Internet Security 2015 license

 1. Go to
2. download AVG Internet Security 2015
3. Install AVG Internet Security 2015
4. Use the below license code and get 4 year free AVG Internet Security 2015 license

 License Codes - 8MEH-RJR4R-7FDJ6-NL3DA-CRXQC-J­EMBR-

You are done. Enjoy free 4 year avast antivirus license. dont waste time. do it now and protect your pc.

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Facebook, Reliance Communications launch in India: Here’s how it works

Reliance Communications and Facebook have partnered to bring to India. is Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative to provide free internet to mobile phone users in developing countries, where Facebook partners with telecom service providers and content partners. aims to connect Reliance Communications (RCom) subscribers to free internet – although only across their list of 33 websites and services. The bouquet of services span across genres having a healthy mix of news websites such as BBC News, IBNLive, Times of India; educational services such as Wikipedia, Translator, wikiHow; sports websites; Health and welfare services such as BabyCentre, iLearn, Socialblood and so on.

According to RCom, these services will be available for free to RCom subscribers. You can either log on to or call 1800 300 25353 which is a toll free number, to get activated. Reliance has said that works as a mobile website on feature phones, whereas with Android phones, you can download an app.

On logging into, you are presented with two tabs – Free Services and Reliance. The Free services tab, as the name implies comprises the 33 content partners and services which Facebook and Reliance have partnered with to provide free internet access. At the moment there are 33 services, across languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and Marathi. More services and languages will be added in a phased manner.

It is interesting to note that Facebook has only given Facebook Messenger and a lite version of the Facebook app for There are no other social networks on board at the moment, not even Facebook owned messaging service WhatsApp. Even with Facebook, there is a catch. For an image heavy social network, RCom will only offer you the option to read and post status messages, like or comment on statuses and pictures. But the pictures themselves will appear blurred and to download these images, you will either need a data plan, or you can activate data connection for Rs 9 per day or Rs 15 for a 15-day pack.

The Reliance tab advertises RCom’s data plans which includes 2G Pack (1GB 2G data pack with free Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp for Rs 9 for one day), Facebook Pack (Rs 15, unlimited Facebook access for 15 days), WhatsApp pack (Rs 15, Unlimited for 15 days) and so on.

RCom has assured that will work with any internet-enabled phone, which includes smartphones as well as feature phones. It will appear as a mobile website for most phones. The app is only available on the Android platform at the moment. There was no word out on when it will be available on other platforms, so people using other mobile OS, will have to go online via the mobile website only.

Bing is the default search engine. Facebook has also partnered with the government of Andhra Pradesh to come up with the app APSpeaks. This app lets regular citizens put forth their greviances to the Andhra Pradesh government.

Page-loading on the smartphones wasn’t much of an issue, but with a feature phone, the page loading was painfully slow. Of course, there are a lot of factors which can affect page-loading speeds such as network connectivity as well as the make of the phone. But the demo showed to us had a two-year old feature phone which took over a minute to load a text-heavy page.

According to Facebook, it has worked with a lot of content partners to help optimise the content in a way that uses limited bandwidth. RCom representatives would not give an exact number of data transfer speeds one can expect with

The service has apparently gone live for all RCom users in Mumbai. The rollout for Maharashtra, Kerala and Gujarat will happen tonight with other states expected to get on board soon.

How to Massively Reduce Bounce Rate for Blogs/Websites

Blog owners often focus on the importance of Search Engine Optimization for increasing their website traffic. Just like any other content posted online, blog owners depend a great deal on SEO for promoting their website online. SEO or Search Engine Optimization or SEO is considered as the new mantra for success for one and all, be it a business enterprise or an individual.

Any company or individual that wishes to get noticed by the online audiences tries to get themselves listed among the top in the listings of popular search engine result pages.

It is said that you must be seen to be sold. SEO helps you keeping exactly this particular phrase in mind. When any content is placed online, like the company website, blogs or a forum, the sole purpose is to get more and more people visit the website and view the content. This is where SEO has a great role to play.

Experts declare that when more SEO is used, more will be the site traffic and thus greater success rate of the blog website. Nothing is more encouraging for a blog owner than to see his or her blog page being listed among the top 5 names in the result pages of popular search engines. It is obvious that the blog is likely to enjoy more and more visitors if it gets noticed quickly.

Why choose SEO for your blog?

Engaging in good SEO for your blog essentially help you achieve higher rates of success in acquiring greater online traffic. Some major benefits of using SEO for your blog are,

  • Increase in transparency with audiences
  • Provide better customer service
  • Increase in visitor loyalty & stickiness

High Bounce rate- a headache for blog owners

However, many blog owners complain of facing critical problems like high bounce rates. You may be wondering what bounce rate means? Bouncing is the term used when a large number of visitors visit your website but leave without going through your content or do not proceed to other pages of your website.

Here is good video by jvfocus explaining some good tips to reduce bounce rates.

The bounce rate means the number of people who visit and leave from the same page. This rate is often shown as percentage. For example, if you witness a bounce rate of 55% for your website, that means that 55 out of every 100 visitors who clicked on to your link did not view the other pages of your website rather simple left within seconds on visiting the first page of your blog.

A high bounce rate can often affect the confidence of the blog owner. Perhaps you need to ponder in depth and find out the reason behind the high bounce rate. Once you pin point on the reason, you can easily find a solution to prevent such and overcome the problem of high bounce rate in no time.

Reasons why visitors may be bouncing away

Bloggers state that relevant and credible content is often their sole criteria when they go through blogs for information. Audiences are on the lookout for valid information when they enter a particular keyword in the search engine. For the success of your blog, your prime focus should be on good quality and genuine content.

ATTENTION: SEO Services for Blogs and Bloggers

Also, you should offer ease of use and navigation in you blog for the visitors. You probably wouldn’t want them to leave your blog for some other page.  Some common reasons that result in an unwanted increase in bounce rate for blogs include,

1) Pop-ups: though timely placed pop-ups can increase in conversion rate, visitors often find pop-ups very annoying when they are bombarded with such as soon as they enter a blog page. You must let the visitor enjoy you blog first. Perhaps the pop-up can be placed in the later pages.

2) Bad designing: unappealing website design is often a common reason for visitors losing interest in the blog and thus leaving sooner than expected. You should analyze your blog with an unbiased viewpoint.

3) Ease of use & navigation: a cluttered blog does not aid a visitor to find the vital information he or she may be looking for. You should highlight on the keywords and devote ample white space to give a fresh and clean look to the blog page.

4) Use of Multimedia: blog owners often think using audio and video adds a modern and more authentic feel to their blog article. Perhaps, it is true. But one must be cautious while using audio visual elements as unnecessarily long or irrelevant content might compel visitors to leave your page.

5) Relevancy: the content you present in your blog should be relevant and useful. Visitors are likely to leave the blog page if they do not find the information they are looking for as per to the keywords entered by them in the search engine.

Check out: Best SEO and social media WordPress plugins [Infographic]

6) Lack of speed: slow movement from one page to another or the lack of speed in opening links or topics may result in a loss of visitors. In the age of high speed internet, people demand swift actions. Your blog must offer quick loading of pages and fast site speed. Ensure that you opt for a good hosting that allows you high speed for your website.

7) Unwanted advertisements: people do not like see their window jammed with advertisements every 2 seconds the open a new page in your website. That to if the ads are totally irrelevant. Ensure that the ads you allow in your blog page are in some ay relevant to the content that your blog carries.

8) Poor language & low quality: visitors often look up for vital content. You may be providing such. But the language is terrible and your content is filled with grammatical errors. Be unbiased and think, would you read such content yourself? Ensure that your content is devoid of such language errors by proof reading before the final upload online.

9) Unnecessary images: images are important. But adding unnecessary images in the blog clutter the page and distract the visitor from the actual text. This may result in their departure from your blog page.

However, a high bounce rate may not always be a bad sign. It is always possible that perhaps the visitor found the required information in the first page itself and hence did not need to proceed further and left because his or her purpose was solved.

Do you want to share other methods for reducing bounce rate for blogs, what methods are you using on your blog  to reduce bounce rate share with us in comments below.